Another Tribute to IWD March 8

I heard this quote mentioned this morning while attending a church service at Unity Temple. The word “western” struck me. As it is International Women’s Day, I am wondering was the 14th Dalai Lama intentionally excluding women from his own part of the world? And if so, why? And what does the Dalai Lama seeContinue reading “Another Tribute to IWD March 8”

Where is Your Happy Place?

Happiest Cities In America 2020 What determines “happiness?” According to a study by WalletHub, there are 31 metrics that determine someone’s level of happiness categorized into three dimensions: emotional and physical wellbeing; income and employment; and community and environment. Emotional and physical wellbeing was weighed as 50% and the other two dimensions were weighed atContinue reading “Where is Your Happy Place?”

What to expect when you’re not Effexor-ing

This is pretty much what I’m feeling as I continue my Effexor withdrawal. It’s so nice to have a cool graphic with a cat to sum it up. The condition even has a name – Discontinuation Syndrome. That makes me feel a bit better, too. Something others have called “brain shivers” is also on myContinue reading “What to expect when you’re not Effexor-ing”

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