Double Whammy

As my blog heading says “Getting Off Effexor,” how’s that going, you might ask?

Two days ago I dropped to one half of my original dosage. That’s one tablet a day. I had been taking two half dosages for the past three+ weeks.

This new drop now feels drastic. Shopping in a busy Sunday Whole Foods, I careened around other racing shopping carts with a rising sense of self-consciousness and mild paranoia. By yesterday my head was spinning whenever I turned it. Today I am weak and deflated. This is all with taking the new half dose only in the evening!

I am wondering if I should be alternating going without during the day. Any thoughts?

I probably need a strong motivational quote about now to get me through tomorrow. I am also fasting for a colonoscopy then. Millennial darlings, the preparation will be vastly improved, Science willing, when your time comes!

Published by dcmori

I am a wife, mother of one grown son, writer, and literacy volunteer living in the Kansas City area. Ever trying to help other people and live life to its fullest.

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