Hiatus for All

The world is becoming united now in breaking from daily activities. We are told to limit close exposure to workers, friends, surfaces, crowds. My hope is this will be a quieter time in which to reflect.

I already am being struck by how small my battle to stop taking a certain drug really is. I am healthy, I am alive, I have a future.

I am saddened that young people must face this crisis at a time in life when they should be free to immerse in life’s experiences. My son, a university lecturer who just started this year, must face teaching online for the first time. His classes will lose the personal interaction so important to learning about creative writing.

Maybe there will be good to come from our restrictions. I told him this anyway. We have never lived through anything like this before, I said. Later, I thought, oh, yes, we did. The early 1980s, before HIV was understood, there was widespread fear. How was it passed? Could it be treated? Then it was the young who were dying. Parents were devastated. Lives were changed forever.

Today, it is mostly the old who are becoming infected. We are still sad and afraid. Especially when new cases arise of the not-so-old. As testing becomes available, doctors say, there will be many more cases. But most, we pray, will live. And we will learn more about all living together on this earth.

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Published by dcmori

I am a wife, mother of one grown son, writer, and literacy volunteer living in the Kansas City area. Ever trying to help other people and live life to its fullest.

3 thoughts on “Hiatus for All

  1. I was about 12 when AIDS hit and even though it was bad there was something that most be could do about it, and when I was 18/19 the Berlin wall came down and the cold war ended. I was talking to my son the other day who was born the year of 9/11 and is 18/19 with Brexit in the U.K. and Covid-19, I never realized I came of age at such a good time.

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  2. I always wanted to know if I could rise to a communal challenge since I never was in a war or military You asked what our generation name could be instead of Boomers. The Greatest Generation was a name coined because Americans rose to economic and foreign threats. We seem so fractured now. I’m still thinking in a name. I know I crave leadership and a vaccine.


    1. I imagine the generation before the Millennials will become the COVID generation. We are unfortunately stuck with being Boomers for time immemorial.


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